Introduction to online blackjack

Online Blackjack is a sort of blackjack game that allows betting on a desktop or mobile device using online platforms. These platforms can be in the form of instant play or download based. The game share a few features with the blackjack type played in land-based casinos, however, the major difference is that you can play online blackjack from the comfort of your home. Online blackjack is beginner-friendly and easy to learn for those who have not played blackjack before. You can learn more about this game on

Getting Started with Online Blackjack

To get started with playing online blackjack, you need to find an online casino to create an account in. However, this online casino must have met some specific requirements to be eligible for selection. The first is that the online casino must be officially licensed by recognized gaming authorities. Another pointer is to check out how effective customer support is. A typical online casino will provide various methods of reaching the support team. Some of the casinos that meet this requirement are:

  • 888casino
  • Betway
  • Betfair

After selecting an online casino, the next step is to make a deposit into the player account and start playing. Many of these casinos offer welcome bonuses before you register, so do make sure to claim yours before making your deposit. As the game commences, the dealers share two face-down cards to all players. Afterwhich, each player takes turns to make a move. The main aim of every player to hit a value of less than 22 and higher than that of the dealer.

There are moves a player can make and some of them include split, hit, stand, and double. After you have been dealt two cards and you feel you need to add another card to hit a higher hand, you simply 'hit'. If you feel your hand is high enough, then you simply stand. In a case whereby you have two similar cards, you can decide to split the cards into two different hands. These hands are treated separately as though it is owned by different players.

Online Blackjack Variants

There are several variants of blackjack with varying rules that apply. The popular one is the Blackjack Switch. This variant allows players to play with two hands. The players can also interchange the cards from each hand without limit. Another well-known variant is Super Fun 21. This variant allows the player to split a hand up to four times. If the player had a hand that includes six cards that add up to, the player wins automatically. However, the wins pay even.

There is also the Double Attack Blackjack. This variant gives players the option of increasing their wager after seeing the hand of the dealer. However, blackjacks only pay even money. As you play, you might also come across Double Exposure Blackjack. This variant deals the dealer two face-up cards thereby increasing the chance of the players to win. However, in the case of a tie, the dealer is given preference and the players lose. Also, players are not allowed to surrender or buy insurance.