Introduction to online pokies

Pokies is a term popular in Australia and dates back to several decades. The game is also played in other parts of the world, however, it is known as a slot machine. Online pokies are a type of casino game played through online platforms. However, instead of driving to a landbased casino to spin the reel, you can enjoy online pokies right from your desktop or mobile device. In summary, pokies refer to slots. You can learn more about online pokie here

Introduction to online pokies.

There are several types of online pokies, in fact, it is one of the most diverse online games you will find. The game works by having a reel that spins with unique symbols on them. Each of these symbols is given unique values with some higher than the others. After the reel stops spinning, the algorithm of the game search for patterns called paylines to determine if the spin resulted in any winning pattern which is different with every online pokies.

When a winning pattern is discovered, the player will be awarded coins, free spins, or both. You can set up different bet size in proportion to your overall bet amount. The layout of the online pokie depends on the type of pokie you choose. There are several types of pokie that you will come across. In many cases, these pokies are developed based on the theme of a popular television series, holidays or a comic character. This gives them distinguishing sounds and graphics

At first, there were only three-reel pokies, which is sometimes referred to as fruit pokies. However, newer types have been developed to give players a more robust experience. There is the five-reel pokies which is relatively new and have many in-game features like large spinning wheels which appears when some special features are triggered. There is also the progressive jackpot pokies which pays a huge amount to players. This cash is accumulated from the bets of different players. Some of the software providers that develop online pokies are:

  • Microgaming
  • Playtech
  • IGT Interactive
  • NetEnt.

Choosing an online casino

To get started with playing online pokies, you need to find a reliable online casino to play in. This online casino must have met some requirements for it to be considered suitable. The first is that the online casino must have a license to operate from a recognized gaming body. Also, the online casino must have responsive customer support that is ready to respond to your inquiries. In addition to this, the online casino must be transparent with the processing fee charged for deposit and withdrawal.

After finding an online casino that meets this requirement. The next step is to register an account with the casino. In many cases, these casinos offer a welcome bonus to players. You should try to claim it and also read about the wagering requirements for the bonus. The next thing is to make your deposit and start playing. Some of these online casinos give you the opportunity to try out the games for free without you having to risk any of your money.